What is the RHF Youth Leadership Summit?

Picture of eight children who joined the Youth Summit. Each of them is holding a paper where they wrote their pledge to improve the accessibility and inclusion.

The Rick Hansen Foundation is dedicated to developing a generation of youth that champion accessibility, diversity and inclusion. As part of the Access4All initiative, and to help encourage this generation, RHF hosted a three-day Youth Leadership Summit on May 20-22, 2017 in Ottawa.

The Summit brought together 50 young leaders – with and without disabilities – from across the country to participate in activities focusing on accessibility and inclusion for people with physical disabilities.

The Summit was led by Rick Hansen and included a special line-up of activities including:

  • Inspirational presentations from Rick and other government, community, and corporate leaders;
  • Special events and exclusive tours of iconic Canadian venues in Ottawa; and
  • Hands-on workshops on accessibility and inclusion.

The Summit not only recognized young leaders who have demonstrated leadership and passion for improving accessibility and inclusion in their school or community, but also provided leadership training to further develop the next generation of champions for people with disabilities.